July 11, 2023

8.00 -9.00
9.00 -9.20
Opening Remark 

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT Interim President

9.20 -9.30
Photo Session
9.30 -10.30
Keynote 1

Driving a Value-Based Economy with Transdisciplinarity in a Changing and Connected World

Hon. Abhisit Vejjajiva

Session Chair: Dr. Adam Cooper

10.30 -10.45
Coffee Break
10.45 -11.45
Keynote 2

Don’t Solve by Set Assumptions

Dr. Sampan Silapanad

Session Chair: Prof. Athakorn Kengpol

11.45 -13.00
Lunch at The Restaurant
13.00 – 14.00
Parallel Session 1
P1-A: Critical Issues in TE

Session Chair: Prof. Federico Trigos

Global patent technology portfolio study of agricultural UAV innovations (ID 28)

Amy J. C. Trappey, Joseph G.B. Lin, Kevin H.K. Chen and Mickey M.C. Chen


Session Chair: Dr. David Rosen

Aspects affecting Boundary Objects in Product Realization – A systematic literature review (ID 51)

Daniel Hussmo, Kristina Säfsten and Paraskeva Wlazlak

Translating the Three-Dimensional Mathematical Modelling of Plant Growth to Additive Manufacturing (ID 64)

Amy Tansell, Galane Luo, Lauren Thomas-Seale and Rosemary Dyson

A Bio-Inspired Mathematical Approach to Design for Additive Manufacturing (ID 59)

Galane Luo, Rosemary Dyson and Lauren Thomas-Seale

P1-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair: Dr. Josip Stjepandic

Developing an Intelligent Warning System to Detect Unsafe Driving Behaviors (ID 121)

Pin-Rui Feng, Sheng-Po Hung, Yi-Husan Chen, Ming-Chuan Chiu, and Zhe-Rui Bai

P1-D: Teamwork

Session Chair: Prof.  Cees Bil

Design of a Lithium-ion Battery Pack for a Small Urban Electric Vehicle: Challenges and Lessons Learned by a Transdisciplinary Team (ID 38)

Samuel Henrique Werlich, Joelton Deonei Gotz, Fernanda Cristina Corrêa and Milton Borsato

14.00 – 5.00
Parallel Session 2
P2-A: Critical Issues in TE

Session Chair: Prof. Shuo-Yan Chou

UAV-Assisted Emergency Response: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (ID 43)

Yuying Long, Haoyue Zhang, Xinyue Wang and Gangyan Xu

Towards Creativity Measurement in the Energy Industry (ID 52)

Zhao Zhang, Chadwick Holmes and Victor Tang

P2-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair: Prof. John P.T. Mo

The means to achieve a digital transition of manufacturing shop floor (ID 14)

John Bang Mathiasen and Pernille Clausen

Using Collaborative Immersive Environments and Building Information Modeling Technology for Holistic Planning of Production Lines (ID 103)

Sebastian Amann, Nicolai Beisheim, Polina Haefner, Victor Haefner, Anjela Mayer, Felix Longge Michels, Tobias Ott and Kevin Kastner

Exploring the adoption of UX-driven approaches to design industrial PLC user interfaces (ID 41)

Margherita Peruzzini, Lorenzo Valentini, Alessio Tutarini, Pietro Bilancia and Roberto Raffaeli

P2-D: Teamwork

Session Chair: Prof. Tetsuya Toma

Engagement Mechanisms in Workshops for Sustainable Community Development (ID 138)

Bruce Hecht, Ted Halsey, Mai Nguyen and Bryan Moser

Improvement of the Mizusumashi System in an Electrical Devices Company: a Case of Transdisciplinary University-Business Cooperation (ID 154)

Beatriz Sousa, Hugo Costa, Joana Ferreira, Patrícia Brandão, Sara Gomes, Sofia Vale, Sónia Fernandes, Tiago Faria and Rui Sousa

The impact of cultural change: a transdisciplinary engineering case study (ID 170)

Harley-Louise Beattie, Linda Newnes and Vimal Dhokia

15.00 -16.00
Coffee Break and Poster Session
16.00 -17.00
Panel Discussion

Defining Transdisciplinary Engineering (TE)

Session Chairs: Dr. Adam Cooper and Dr. Susan Lattanzio

17.00 -18.00
Leisure Time
18.00 -20.30
Welcome Dinner at Krua Huai Sai