July 12, 2023

8.00 -9.00
ISTE Council Breakfast
9.00 – 10.20
Parallel Session 3
P3-A: Engineering Education

Session Chair: Dr. Wim Verhagen

Data Analytics for Admission Process: Bachelor of Engineering Program (ID 80)

Kunlapat Thongkaew, Sangsuree Vasupongayya and Thanita Loywirat

P3-B: Teamwork

Session Chair: Prof. Kazuo Hiekata

Using Immersive Technologies and Digital Twins for interdisciplinary Teamwork in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (ID 86)

Nicolai Beisheim, Haydar Kayapinar, Markus Linde, Tobias Ott and Sebastian Amann

Team decision making considering uncertainty in data visualisation (ID 134)

Ainoa Abella, Midori Sugihara, Vanja Čok, Tomiya Kimura, Testuya Toma and Jonathan Chacón

P3-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair: Prof. Margherita Peruzzini

Leveraging Digital Twin as a Service in Digital Business Ecosystem (ID 29)

Sergej Bondar, Philipp Kremer, Johannes Lutzenberger and Josip Stjepandic

Leveraging Transdisciplinary Engineering through the Coalescence of Digital Twins and XR-Technologies (40)

Kevin Kastner, Joel Lehmann, Matthias Rädle, Julian Reichwald, Felix Wuehler, Sebastian Amann and Nicolai Beisheim

Digital Twin as Enabler of Sustainability and Risk Management of Medical Devices (ID 115)

Roberto Riascos, Tomislava Majić, Egon Ostrosi, Jean-Claude Sagot and  and Josip Stjepandic

P3-D:Theoretical Contributions

Session Chair: Prof. Milton Borsato

Creating a Symbiotic Interface for a Digital Twin (ID 19)

Claire Palmer, Yee Mey Goh, Ella-Mae Hubbard, Rebecca Grant and Robert Houghton

10.20 -10.40
Coffee Break
10.40 – 12.00
Parallel Session 3
P4-A: Engineering Education

Session Chair: Dr. Irina Lazar

Knowing Your Learners to Scaffolding Their Autonomy: The Perspective of Learner Capability and Perception (ID 152)

Duangthida Hussadintorn Na Ayutthaya, Pisut Koomsap and Cathal de Paor

Design and Development of a Tool for Measuring Learning Outcomes in a Manufacturing Engineering Program Based on Outcome-Based Education (ID 77)

Suriya Jirasatitsin, Wanida Rattanamanee, Thanate Ratanawilai, Klangduen Pochana, Chukree Daesa, Pichet Trakarnchaisiri, and Kunlapat Thongkaew


Session Chair:  Dr. Mey Goh

Apply Deep Learning Models to Build a Personalized Attraction Recommendation System in A Smart Product Service System (ID 120)

Cheng-Zhou Tsai, Pei-Yi Tai, Hao Huang, Chia-Jung Wei and Ming-Chuan Chiu

P4-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair:  Dr. Martin Lennartsson

Investigating government subsidy and policy to encourage the adoption of the energy storage system and electric vehicle: A system dynamics model approach (ID 88)

Shuo-Yan Chou, Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu, Erma Suryani, Rafika Rahmawati, Firin Handayani and Anindhita Dewabharata

12.00 -13.00
Lunch at The Restaurant
13.00 – 14.00
Keynote 3

Good Designers do “X”

Prof. Cynthia J. Atman

Session Chair: Dr. Adam Cooper

14.00 – 15.00
Workshop 1
15.00 -15.15
Coffee Break 
15.15 -16.15
Workshop 2
WS1 (Continued)

Human-Centric Digital Twin – A Transdisciplinary View

Margherita Peruzzini, Pietro Bilancia, and Josip Stjepandić 

16.15 -16.30
Assemble at The Hotel Lobby
16.30 -18.30

Rajabhakti Park

18.30 -20.30