A List of Oral Presentations

An Approach to Innovative Design within Complex Projects with the application of TRIZ (ID 3)
Matthew Cook and John P.T. Mo
Session: P3-D

The Pathway to Sustainability in Transdisciplinary System Development (ID 4)
John P.T. Mo and Ronald C. Beckett
Session: P3-D

How personalization algorithm changes consumer behaviors in the digital healthcare service (ID 6)
Joe Ichino, Manabu Miyazaki and Kenji Tanaka
Session: P4-B

A study on habit formation and its measurement in the use of digital health care service (ID 9)
Satoko Kanemoto, Joe Ichino, Manabu Miyazaki and Kenji Tanaka
Session: P2-B

Transdisciplinary Framework for Waste to Energy Technologies (ID 11)
Federico Trigos and Adriana Guerra
Session: P5-D

A Design Framework for Cyber-Physical-Human-Systems (ID 12)
David Rosen and Christina Choi
Session: P5-B

The means to achieve a digital transition of manufacturing shop floor (ID 14)
John Bang Mathiasen and Pernille Clausen
Session: P2-C

Connect your smart manufacturing via Smart Work: A single-case study from the Renewable Energy Industry (ID 17)
Pernille Clausen, David Vrabéc and John Bang Mathiasen
Session: P4-C

A Novel Robotic EDM Digital Twin for Offline Cutting-Path Programming (ID 18)
Sergio de Almeida, John Mo, Cees Bil, Songlin Ding and Chi-Tsun Cheng
Session: P5-C

Creating a Symbiotic Interface for a Digital Twin (ID 19)
Claire Palmer, Yee Mey Goh, Ella-Mae Hubbard, Rebecca Grant and Robert Houghton
Session: P3-D

MetaTwin: the foundational element of cloud manufacturing metaverse (ID 21)
Ming Li, Hang Wu and Mingxing Li
Session: P5-D

Active Learning in Engineering Education:  Case Study in Mechanics for Engineering (ID 22)
Chawannat Jaroenkhasemmeesuk, Rui Lima, Kathleen Horgan, Diana Mesquita and Tuangyot Supeekit
Session: P6-A

Global patent technology portfolio study of agricultural UAV innovations (ID 28)
Amy J. C. Trappey, Joseph G.B. Lin, Kevin H.K. Chen and Mickey M.C. Chen
Session: P1-A

Leveraging Digital Twin as a Service in Digital Business Ecosystem (ID 29)
Sergej Bondar, Philipp Kremer, Johannes Lutzenberger and Josip Stjepandic
Session: P3-C

Tensor Field for Five-Axis Machining (ID 30)
Stanislav Makhanov
Session: P5-C

UX-driven methodology to design usable Augmented Reality applications for maintenance (ID 37)
Lorenzo Valentini, Fabio Grandi, Margherita Peruzzini and Marcello Pellicciari
Session: P5-B

Design of a Lithium-ion Battery Pack for a Small Urban Electric Vehicle: Challenges and Lessons Learned by a Transdisciplinary Team (ID 38)
Samuel Henrique Werlich, Joelton Deonei Gotz, Fernanda Cristina Corrêa and Milton Borsato
Session: P1-D

The complex reality of modularization – an approach/metamodel towards business-driven modularization of smart products (ID 39)
Dan Lennartsson, Dag Raudberget, Kurt Sandkuhl and Ulf Seigerroth 
Session: P5-B

Leveraging Transdisciplinary Engineering through the Coalescence of Digital Twins and XR-Technologies (ID 40)
Kevin Kastner, Joel Lehmann, Matthias Rädle, Julian Reichwald, Felix Wuehler, Sebastian Amann and Nicolai Beisheim
Session: P3-C

Exploring the adoption of UX-driven approaches to design industrial PLC user interfaces (ID 41)
Margherita Peruzzini, Lorenzo Valentini, Alessio Tutarini, Pietro Bilancia and Roberto Raffaeli
Session: P2-C

UAV-Assisted Emergency Response: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (ID 43)
Yuying Long, Haoyue Zhang, Xinyue Wang and Gangyan Xu
Session: P2-A

Scheduled Transport Service Design for Cross-Border Logistics in Airport Cluster (ID 44)
Wenzhao Dong, Xuan Qiu and Gangyan Xu
Session: P6-C

The users to target to understand disciplinarity in a project? (ID 45)
Jana Sajdakova, Emily Carey and Linda Newnes
Session: P6-D

Digital Manufacturing Pilot Study for Stepping Towards Mixed Reality Applications in Tertiary Education (ID 47)
Mihaela-Elena Ulmeanu, Manuela-Roxana DijmĂrescu, Bogdan-Felician Abaza, Andrei Szuder and Cristian-Vasile Doicin
Session: P6-A

A mathematical model for 3D Bin Packing in Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems (ID 50)
Moritz Sontheimer, Shuo-Yan Chou and Yu-Lin Kuo
Session: P5-C

Aspects affecting Boundary Objects in Product Realization – A systematic literature review (ID 51)
Daniel Hussmo, Kristina Säfsten and Paraskeva Wlazlak
Session: P1-B

Towards Creativity Measurement in the Energy Industry (ID 52)
Zhao Zhang, Chadwick Holmes and Victor Tang
Session: P2-A

Evaluation of Feebate by Multi-Agent Simulation for Policy Making in the Complex International Maritime Transport (ID 56)
Kazuho Nonomura, Kazuo Hiekata, Nariaki Nishino and Takuya Nakashima
Session P6-D

A Bio-Inspired Mathematical Approach to Design for Additive Manufacturing (ID 59)
Galane Luo, Rosemary Dyson and Lauren Thomas-Seale
Session: P1-B

The Use of Design Assets as potential Platform Elements in two Manufacturing Disciplines (ID 61)
Dag Raudberget, Fredrik Elgh, Martin Lennartsson and Rhith Areth Koroth
Session: P6-B

Analysis of Product Development Connected to Production for Industrialized Housebuilding (ID 63)
Martin Lennartsson, Dag Raudberget and Fredrik Elgh
Session: P5-B

Translating the Three-Dimensional Mathematical Modelling of Plant Growth to Additive Manufacturing (ID 64)
Amy Tansell, Galane Luo, Lauren Thomas-Seale and Rosemary Dyson
Session: P1-B

Developing a Green Supplier Risk Assessment System Applying Natural Language Processing and Life Cycle Assessment: An Empirical Study (ID 69)
Pei-Yi Tai, MingChuan Chiu, Chia-Jung Wei, Hsiao-Fan Wang and Chih-Yuan Chu
Session P4-C

A Study on Co-creation of Wind Turbine Arrays in Offshore Wind Farms (ID 70)
Kuniko Mishima and Nozomu Mishima
Session P6-B

Group Dynamics and Air Traffic Controllers’ Safety Behaviors:Self-efficacy as A Mediator (ID 75)
Qingli Liu, Fan Li, Ching-Hung Lee and Su Han
Session: P1-D

Design and Development of a Tool for Measuring Learning Outcomes in a Manufacturing Engineering Program Based on Outcome-Based Education (ID 77)
Suriya Jirasatitsin, Wanida Rattanamanee, Thanate Ratanawilai, Klangduen Pochana, Chukree Daesa, Pichet Trakarnchaisiri, and Kunlapat Thongkaew
Session: P4-A

Data Analytics for Admission Process: Bachelor of Engineering Program (ID 80)
Kunlapat Thongkaew, Sangsuree Vasupongayya and Thanita Loywirat
Session: P3-A

Kano-based Design For B-to-B Customized Product Configuration Service (ID 84)
Ching-Hung Lee, Chang Wang and Fan Li
Session: P6-B

Replenishment Policy and SKU Classification to Pod Assignment Design for Robotic Mobile Fulfillment System Performances (ID 85)
Shuo-Yan Chou, Edwin Hendrawan, Anindhita Dewabharata and Ferani Eva Zulvia
Session: P6-C

Using Immersive Technologies and Digital Twins for interdisciplinary Teamwork in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (ID 86)
Nicolai Beisheim, Haydar Kayapinar, Markus Linde, Tobias Ott and Sebastian Amann
Session: P3-B

Uncertainty-Aware Container Warehousing Planning for Port Throughput Improvement (ID 87)
Keisuke Abe, Kosuke Nagahata and Kenji Tanaka
Session: P6-C

Investigating government subsidy and policy to encourage the adoption of the energy storage system and electric vehicle: A system dynamics model approach (ID 88)
Shuo-Yan Chou, Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu, Erma Suryani, Rafika Rahmawati, Firin Handayani and Anindhita Dewabharata
Session P4-C

Inclusive Interactive Simulation:  Stakeholder Empowerment in Design (ID 90)
Ira Winder and Kazuo Hiekata
Session P5-A

Applying Deep Learning to Establish A Telemedicine Assistance System: A Case Study of the Stage Classification of Pressure Injuries (ID 94)
Ming-Chuan Chiu, Tsung-Yu Tseng, Chi-Chang Chang and Chun-Chia Chen
Session: P1-C

Using Collaborative Immersive Environments and Building Information Modeling Technology for Holistic Planning of Production Lines (ID 103)
Sebastian Amann, Nicolai Beisheim, Polina Haefner, Victor Haefner, Anjela Mayer, Felix Longge Michels, Tobias Ott and Kevin Kastner
Session: P2-C

In Pursuit of Greater Coherence Between Learning Outcomes and Competence Development for Successful Teaching of Engineering (ID 113)
Cathal de Paor, Pisut Koomsap and Duangthida Hussadintorn Na Ayutthaya
Session: P3-A

Digital Twin as Enabler of Sustainability and Risk Management of Medical Devices (ID 115)
Roberto Riascos, Tomislava Majić, Egon Ostrosi, Jean-Claude Sagot and  and Josip Stjepandic
Session: P3-C

EEG-based Stress Recognition through the Integration of Convolutional Neural Networks and Mixture of Experts Ensemble Modelling (ID 117)
Ziqing Xia, Justin Jixi Wen, Chun-Hsien Chen, Meng-Hsueh Hsieh and Jo-Yu Kuo 
Session: P5-A

Apply Deep Learning Models to Build a Personalized Attraction Recommendation System in A Smart Product Service System (ID 120)
Cheng-Zhou Tsai, Pei-Yi Tai, Hao Huang, Chia-Jung Wei and Ming-Chuan Chiu
Session: P4-B

Developing an Intelligent Warning System to Detect Unsafe Driving Behaviors (ID 121)
Pin-Rui Feng, Sheng-Po Hung, Yi-Husan Chen, Ming-Chuan Chiu, and Zhe-Rui Bai
Session: P1-C

Application of holistic detection in industrial motion and time study (ID 129)
Anintaya Khamkanya, Panthakij Paulguy and Siamrut Em-O
Session: P6-C

A Simulation of Human Mobility that Reproduces the Behavioral Characteristics (ID 131)
Yuri Mizuno, Daishi Sagawa, Yuya Kimura and Kenji Tanaka
Session: P5-A

Team decision making considering uncertainty in data visualisation (ID 134)
Ainoa Abella, Midori Sugihara, Vanja Čok, Tomiya Kimura, Testuya Toma and Jonathan Chacón
Session: P3-B

Opportunities and Challenges for drone industries in Thailand (ID 136)
Monchai Suraratchai, Panumas Arundachawat and Medhawin Kitikun
Session: P5-A

Engagement Mechanisms in Workshops for Sustainable Community Development (ID 138)
Bruce Hecht, Ted Halsey, Mai Nguyen and Bryan Moser
Session: P2-D

Problem-based Learning in Marketing Engineer Course: A Case Study from Industrial Engineering Curriculum (ID 144)
Krissanarach Nitisiri, Thitipong Jamrus, Kanchana Sethanan, Danaipong Chetchotsak and Thawee Nakrachata-Amon
Session: P6-A

Designing Transdisciplinary Engineering Programmes: A new wave in engineering education (ID 145)
Irina Lazar, Laurent Liote and Adam Cooper
Session: P3-A

A Transdisciplinary Approach to the University Timetabling Problem (ID 146)
Federico Trigos and Roberto Coronel
Session: P6-D

A Flexible and Intelligent Production System for Process Planning and Enterprise Performance Optimization (ID 147)
Ederson Carvalhar Fernandes, Jaqueline Sebastiany Iaksch, Sandro Jesse Ferreira Tabor, Luiz Gustavo Romanel, Liam Brown and Milton Borsato
Session: P6-C

Human-centric Digital twin: a transdisciplinary view (ID 150)
Margherita Peruzzini, Pietro Bilancia, Josip Stjepandic, Tomislava Majic and Egon Ostrosi
Session: P4-D

Knowing Your Learners to Scaffolding Their Autonomy: The Perspective of Learner Capability and Perception (ID 152)
Duangthida Hussadintorn Na Ayutthaya, Pisut Koomsap and Cathal de Paor
Session: P4-A

Investigating the Potential of Mixed Teaching Methods to Enhance Manufacturing Process Learning in Undergraduate Program (ID 153)
Noppakorn Phuraya, Piyawan Thatsananchalee  and Natchana Bhutasang 
Session: P6-A

Improvement of the Mizusumashi System in an Electrical Devices Company: a Case of Transdisciplinary University-Business Cooperation (ID 154)
Beatriz Sousa, Hugo Costa, Joana Ferreira, Patrícia Brandão, Sara Gomes, Sofia Vale, Sónia Fernandes, Tiago Faria and Rui Sousa
Session: P2-D

The design of Machine Learning using AI model for searching casualty people in the Gulf of Thailand (ID 155)
Athakorn Kengpol and Chawantorn Chanchittakarn
Session: P1-C

A digital twin concept in the development of a digital multi-modal door-to-door travel planner (ID 159)
Jiezhuoma La, Cees Bil, Iryna Heiets and Ken Lau
Session: P3-C

The impact of cultural change: a transdisciplinary engineering case study (ID 170)
Harley-Louise Beattie, Linda Newnes and Vimal Dhokia
Session: P2-D