July 13, 2023

9.00 – 10.00
Keynote 4

Transdisciplinary Ecosystem of Methods

Prof. Claudia Eckert

Session Chair: Prof. Bryan Moser

10.00 -10.20
Coffee Break
10.20 – 12.00
Parallel Session 5
P5-A: Critical Issues in TE

Session Chair:  Prof. Kenji Tanaka

EEG-based Stress Recognition through the Integration of Convolutional Neural Networks and Mixture of Experts Ensemble Modelling (ID 117)

Ziqing Xia, Justin Jixi Wen, Chun-Hsien Chen, Meng-Hsueh Hsieh and Jo-Yu Kuo

A Simulation of Human Mobility that Reproduces the Behavioral Characteristics (ID 131)

Yuri Mizuno, Daishi Sagawa, Yuya Kimura and Kenji Tanaka

Opportunities and Challenges for drone industries in Thailand (ID 136)

Monchai Suraratchai, Panumas Arundachawat and Medhawin Kitikun


Session Chair: Prof. Amy Trappey

Analysis of Product Development Connected to Production for Industrialized Housebuilding (ID 63)

Martin Lennartsson, Dag Raudberget and Fredrik Elgh

A Design Framework for Cyber-Physical-Human-Systems (ID 12)

David Rosen and Christina Choi

UX-driven methodology to design usable Augmented Reality applications for maintenance (ID 37)

Lorenzo Valentini, Fabio Grandi, Margherita Peruzzini and Marcello Pellicciari

P5-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair: Prof. Pietro Bilancia

A mathematical model for 3D Bin Packing in Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems (ID 50)

Moritz Sontheimer, Shuo-Yan Chou and Yu-Lin Kuo

A Novel Robotic EDM Digital Twin for Offline Cutting-Path Programming (ID 18)

Sergio de Almeida, John Mo, Cees Bil, Songlin Ding and Chi-Tsun Cheng

Tensor Field for Five-Axis Machining (ID 30)

Stanislav Makhanov

12.00 -13.00
Lunch at The Restaurant
13.00 – 14.40
Parallel Session 6
P6-A: Engineering Education

Session Chair: Dr. Adam Cooper

Active Learning in Engineering Education: Case Study in Mechanics for Engineering (ID 22)

Chawannat Jaroenkhasemmeesuk, Rui Lima, Kathleen Horgan, Diana Mesquita and Tuangyot Supeekit

Digital Manufacturing Pilot Study for Stepping Towards Mixed Reality Applications in Tertiary Education (ID 47)

Mihaela-Elena Ulmeanu, Manuela-Roxana DijmĂrescu, Bogdan-Felician Abaza, Andrei Szuder and Cristian-Vasile Doicin

Problem-based Learning in Marketing Engineer Course: A Case Study from Industrial Engineering Curriculum (ID 144)

Krissanarach Nitisiri, Thitipong Jamrus, Kanchana Sethanan, Danaipong Chetchotsak and Thawee Nakrachata-Amon


Session Chair: Prof. John Bang Mathiasen

The Use of Design Assets as potential Platform Elements in two Manufacturing Disciplines (ID 61)

Dag Raudberget, Fredrik Elgh, Martin Lennartsson and Rhith Areth Koroth

Kano-based Design For B-to-B Customized Product Configuration Service (ID 84)
Ching-Hung Lee, Chang Wang and Fan Li

P6-C: Smart Operation for VCM

Session Chair: Prof. Ulf Seigerroth

Replenishment Policy and SKU Classification to Pod Assignment Design for Robotic Mobile Fulfillment System Performances (ID 85)

Shuo-Yan Chou, Edwin Hendrawan, Anindhita Dewabharata and Ferani Eva Zulvia

Uncertainty-Aware Container Warehousing Planning for Port Throughput Improvement (ID 87)

Keisuke Abe, Kosuke Nagahata and Kenji Tanaka

Application of holistic detection in industrial motion and time study (ID 129)

Anintaya Khamkanya, Panthakij Paulguy and Siamrut Em-O

A Flexible and Intelligent Production System for Process Planning and Enterprise Performance Optimization (ID 147)

Ederson Carvalhar Fernandes, Jaqueline Sebastiany Iaksch, Sandro Jesse Ferreira Tabor, Luiz Gustavo Romanel, Liam Brown and Milton Borsato

P6-D: TE Approaches

Session Chair: Dr. Susan Lattanzio

The users to target to understand disciplinarity in a project? (ID 45)

Jana Sajdakova, Emily Carey and Linda Newnes

Evaluation of Feebate by Multi-Agent Simulation for Policy Making in the Complex International Maritime Transport (ID 56)

Kazuho Nonomura, Kazuo Hiekata, Nariaki Nishino and Takuya Nakashima

A Transdisciplinary Approach to the University Timetabling Problem (ID 146)

Federico Trigos and Roberto Coronel

14.40 -15.00
Coffee Break 
15.00 – 16.00
Keynote 5

Trilogy of Innovations for Achieving High-Performance Cyber-Physical Factory

Prof. George Q. Huang

Session Chair: Prof. Kanchana Sethanan

16.00 – 17.00
Annual General Meeting of ISTE (AGM)
17.00 -18.00
Leisure Time
18.00 -22.00
Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony at The Stable